For individual pre-orders

Healthy Breakfast Pack (16-18 Pax)


Egg Wraps, 16 Pieces. (Choose 1)

Assorted Cakes Platter (Mixed Flavours), 16 Pieces.

Dessert Cups, 20 Cups. (Choose 1)

Hot Beverage OR Juice, 3.8L, Serves 15. (Choose 1)

*Milk, sugar & stirrers included for hot beverages


Ham & Cheese Breakfast Wrap
Roasted Chicken & Cheese Egg Wrap
Scrambled eggs, baby spinach, roasted chicken, shaved parmesan, cheddar, capsicum
Mushroom, Cheese & Tomato (VG)
Mushroom, Cheese & Tomato Egg Wrap (VG)

Scrambled eggs, baby spinach, warm baked mushrooms, shaved parmesan, cheddar, cherry tomatoes

Banana Cake with Acai Superfruit
Walnut Raisins Carrot Cake 

Mango Chia Pudding (Vegan)
Soy milk, coconut cream, chia seeds topped with fresh fruits and mango puree

Strawberry Banana Muesli
Strawberry banana muesli, chia seeds, dried fruits
Fresh Juice

Mango juice, orange juice, pomelo juice or coconut water

Hot Beverage

Coffee or tea

Make it a lunchbag?
Add 1 Cold Pressed Juice and 1 Pastry of your choice