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Plant-based Movement:

We are bringing out the veggies. SaladStop! offers a variety of plant-based options for your events and corporate functions. As a food provider, we understand that it is our responsibility to offer both vegetarian and vegan options that have a positive impact on the environment and recognise the opportunity to reduce our ecological footprint. Generally, we cater to all different dietary requirements to bring you the most memorable experience.


Sustainable Sourcing:

We are freshening up your meals. From locally grown kale by Sustenir Agriculture to sustainably sourced salmon from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified suppliers, ingredients of the highest quality and freshness are at the heart of our wide selection of salads, wraps, grain bowls, canapes and desserts. Using carefully selected produce from nearby sources whilst supporting local farmers, we ensure that you and your guests can savour our SaladStop! culinary delights.


Greener Packaging:

We are greening your events. With plastic waste being a world-wide environmental challenge, SaladStop! is making a conscious effort to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable products in our catering services. We are offering you and your guests biodegradable lunchboxes made from renewable fibre bagasse, disposable wooden cutlery as well as other recyclable cardboard packaging materials. 

These are the list of packaging that we will be serving:

  • Sugarcane Pulp Bio-degradable Plates
  • Bamboo Picks With Knot
  • 100% Compostable Paper Cups


Corporate Talks:

We are invading your meetings. SaladStop! offers to accompany your events and corporate functions providing not only free, but high quality educational onsite health and sustainability programmes. We want to encourage individuals to make conscious nutritional choices in their daily lives. We are motivated to answer your questions and look forward to engaging in lively discussions with you and your team members.