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We provide, not just free, but quality, and educative onsite health programmes by selective & reliable speakers for all organisations, to advocate good nutrition and sustainability habits at the workplace. 

Here are our speakers:                                

Vikas Garg

Founder & CEO, abillionveg 

Topic of discussions:

Startups / Sustainability / Food / Social purpose for profit

Rebecca Cappelli

Public speaker & Filmmaker

Topic of discussions:

Health / Environmental impact / Mind and Body

Katherine Braha

Director, SaladStop!

Topic of discussions:

Sustainability at workplace

Dr. Tim Errington

Owner / Founder of Total Health Chiropractic, Doctor of Chiropractic, Author & Professional Speaker

Topic of discussions:

Great computer posture with desk exercises / Stress Management / 5 Pillars of Health - Exercise, Nutrition, Rest, Mental Health, Spinal Health

Kevin Ng

Business Development Director, ASEAN Green Monday  

Topic of discussions:

Food 2.0 & Sustainability / The Green Revolution & Social Innovation