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WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps


Vegan Food Wrap (set of 3)

WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps are a fun, funky and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap!
The Original Plant Based Reusable Food Wrap Handcrafted in South Australia using 100% organic cotton, plant based wax (VEGAN friendly), tree resin and jojoba oil.


Q1: How do you use them?
Q2: Cover or wrap any type of cool food, including salads, fruit, vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, cooled casseroles and leftovers. When warmed by your hands, the wrap will soften just enough to be folded into shape or moulded around a bowl. Do not use to wrap raw meat or fish.

Q2: How long do these wraps last?

Q3: Can this be put in the composter?
A3: Yes, once it has become too worn out for use, just pop it into your composter!

Q4: How do you take care of the wraps?
A4: Use mild detergent, cold water and a non abrasive sponge to clean. Do not use warm or hot water as it will melt the water proof coating.

Q5: Can this be used to wrap raw meats or fish?
A5: No, as the wrap cannot be washed with hot water.