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CYO Lunchbox (Create your own)


1 Wrap & 1 Salad Per Lunchbox.



Western Chicken
Romaine, roasted chicken, cheddar, grated eggs, cherry tomatoes, red onions, Smoky Ranch

Jai Ho
Indian Spiced Chicken
Romaine, tandoori chicken, potatoes, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, Indian Spiced Yoghurt

Sabai Sabai
Thai Quinoa with Lemongrass Chicken
Quinoa, romaine, red & white cabbage, warm lemongrass chicken thigh, grilled tofu, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, pomelo, cucumber pickles, crushed peanuts, Thai Tumeric

Sustainable Sous-vide Salmon
Quinoa, baby spinach, red & white cabbage, sous-vide salmon, pea sprouts, soft-boiled egg, sweet corn, edamame, radish pickles, seed mix, furikake, Sesame Lime

Iron 'Wo' Man
Feta & Roasted Pumpkin
Baby spinach, feta, roasted pumpkin, yellow raisins, toasted almonds, Mixed Berries Vinaigrette

Game Changer
Plant Goodness
Kale, falafels, chickpeas, cucumber, potatoes, grapes, Cashew Mint




Catering Special
Western Pasta
Pasta, spinach, corn, warm baked mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, toasted almond, Basil Pesto 

Arabian Falafels
Romaine, falafels, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, black olive, Arabian Spiced Vinaigrette

Ou La Lah
Sustainable Smoked Salmon
Baby spinach, kale, smoked salmon, feta, french beans, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, roasted brussels sprouts, seed mix, Balsamic Vinaigrette & Honey Dijon 

Hail Caesar
Caesar Salad 
Romaine, bacon bits, shaved parmesan, grated eggs, croutons, Classic Caesar 

Catering Special
Secret Garden
Baby spinach, whole eggs, shaved parmesan, grapes, mandarin orange, walnuts, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Earth Bowl
Spicy Thai Mixed Bean Patty
Romaine, red & white cabbage, fresh herbs, veggie patty, warm baked mushrooms, avocado, black beans, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, grapes, green apples, toasted almonds, Lemon & Oil

Make it a lunchbag?
Add 1 Cold Pressed Juice and 1 Pastry of your choice